Garage Door Installation + Follow Up Tips

Your garage door installation has just been completed. It is time for you to enjoy living with your new garage door. However to make sure your garage door continues to give you good service it is a good thing to learn how to care of your garage door.

A garage door installation is best done by a professional, therefore there are some components that you should not try to service. You should not be adventurous and try to service a component that you are not very familiar with. For example there are high tension springs that should only be handled by a professional. However there are simple tasks that you can perform that will keep your garage door working smoothly.

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These tasks are:

1. Cleaning tracks, wheels and other exposed components. You can clean these components using suitable solvents. There are several solvents that are available. You should take care to use the appropriate solvent for each component. You may not be able to use a general purpose solvent such as kerosene on all components. Your local vendor should be able to guide you. Once you have the right solvent wipe the components clean using the solvent. In some cases it is better to give the solvent some time to act before you start the wiping part.

2. Fastening nuts and bolts and such components. With usage some nuts and similar components may become loose. You can check them and if you find any that have become loose you should fasten them.

3. Lubricate all the moving parts and parts over which movement occurs. These are parts such as

wheels, pulleys, chains and tracks. You should take care to use the right lubricant for each component, though for most components standard lubricating oil will do.

Then there are some tasks such as checking, and if required adjusting the weatherstripping which you may be able to do yourself. Also if the paint on the garage door needs a touch up job you maybe able to do that yourself as well.

If you have had a professional garage door installation done chances are you will not require more than simple maintenance. However if you do feel there is something that is not so simple that requires servicing or repair you should leave it to a professional.