From Repairing Tracks To A Garage Door Spring Burlingame Will Get The Job Done

Your home is your castle, so it is important to ensure all entrances are safe and secure. Many people forget about their garage doors when they are considering home security, but these doors can be a great way for a crook to enter your home. If your garage doors are not in good repair, a thief can simply lift the doors and then the inside door gaining access to your home and valuable. Something as simple as a garage door spring Burlingame notices will cause the garage door not to lock properly.

Garage Door Spring BurlingameThere are a few basic steps to good garage door maintenance. Performing these tasks will help ensure your garage door remains in good condition and can help protect your home.

Check the garage door tracks for damage or dents. It is possible to simply pound out minor blemishes using a rubber hammer. If you find major damage, you will probably have to replace the tracks.

As you are checking the tracks for damage, also inspect them to ensure they are properly aligned and level. If they are out of alignment or not level, loosen the mounting brackets. You can then gently tap the tracks back into plumb. They should be slanting slightly down towards the back of the garage.

Also take the time to thoroughly wipe the tracks down. Clear all debris and remove any dirt or dust with a large paintbrush. You can do a deeper clean using a household cleaner.

Next, lubricate all tracks, rollers, and pulleys using a garage door spray lubricant or powdered graphite. Check all bolts, fasteners, and nuts. Check the springs to ensure they are still coiled and connected properly.

If you find you need a major repair, it is best to call a professional. Whether it is a door replacement or a garage door spring Burlingame can make the repair.